The personal firm “Katsarski” was found in 1990. It’s main business activity is the production, the commerce and the export of all sorts of barrels and similar articles.
The cooperage or “cask making” is a occupation for production of wooden utensils (casks, barrels and butts), tighten by hoops. In our past the cooperage was famous in all parts of our country and through the years the good masters have made this action perfect. More than three centuries the strong hands of men make these wonderful oaken utensils - buckets, pistons (production glorify our village. Vrachesh is a nice village. It is situated near the small town - Botevgrad (45 km.from Sofia). It is a center of the cooperage and cooper’s utensils. That is to say that there is a work shop of our firm in this village - the personal firm “Katsarski”. We are one of the former families who occupy by the cooperage.
The name of our firm (”Katsarski”) comes from this ancient occupation. The hereditary master Vasil Katsarski has inherited the tradition and skills of his forefathers (one of the best master for more than 150 years). He continues the traditions in his own workshop. We make over 1600 wooden casks for a year, with purpose to increase our production.

The motto of our firm is “PERFECT GUARANTEE AND QUALITY”