The personal firm “Katsarski” make casks with a capacity of 20 liters to 500 liters. For the bigger sizes you need by preliminary order. We make our production in the dependence of all European standards and we are a guarantee for this.

We add the main production of our firm with some other utensils like chairs, tables (in a shape of casks) and an article for bottles in a shape of ellipse.

The personal firm “Katsarski” has good trade connection and good contacts with famous wine-growers from: France, Italy, Spain and others. All these partners make us one of the best producer of this production.

We are correct to the principles of accuracy and correctness and with a combination of excellent system of hard-working, we satisfy the requirements of our customers.

The customers know what to expect from our part, but the need something more - the ideas and the quality of our personal firm “Katsarski” and because of this then confide us our experience.